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New Year’s has flown by and of course like most people I made a set of resolutions. It remains to be seen if I will “stick with it.”

We start off with BoyScout setting a very strong resolution that he has been quite firm sticking with.

“I don’t care if it’s Momma squirrel, Daddy squirrel, or baby squirrel, they are ALL DEAD SQUIRRELS.”

He yells this to me as he is standing on two chairs in the carport, with nothing but a shirt and boxers on holding a pellet rifle.

I turn around and walk in the house. I want no part of this. Soon after the squirrels take a backseat to the rats. Yes I said rats.

Blu is the instigator of this, placing her head between the toilet and vanity, listening to the noise underneath the house.

BoyScout takes note and sets a trap. Two-days later I walk outside to find Blu chewing on the dead rat.

I scream at her to drop it and wait for BoyScout to come home to deal with it.

Honestly, you would think that we live in the boonies with all the “wildlife” that we have in our house. I hear banjos playing in the background.

He can tackle that while I get it together and start working on the backsplash.

I book Mom in to help, since she’s the tile guru (all Moms are Gurus let’s just face it.) I prep the backsplash mudding it and sanding it down the week before.


I do all of my prep work and I am finally ready! But of course nothing ever goes as planned in Quirky land.

Bear starts limping around the house Friday night and I am concerned. Saturday morning we head to the vet.

BoyScout and I sit patiently in the waiting room watching the other animal lovers and their assorted pets.

In walks a woman with one of the fattest cats I have ever seen. She sets the fat cat on the ground. The cat is on a leash, until further inspection makes me realize that this “leash” is only secured by a twisted up paper clip.

*Face palm.


Bear is not amused and neither are any of the other dogs in the room.

The woman brings her cat over next to us and he meows at Bear walking towards him.

Bear looks at us, looks at the cat, looks at us, looks at the cat. We scoot over and thankfully we are called into the vet’s room soon after.

One hour and over $300 hundred dollars later we find out he has an infection in his paw, making it super swollen and red.



We come home, give him meds, call the Guru over and get started on the tile…well we TRY to get started.

I didn’t get a sponge, or a float and come to find out I don’t have enough tile, cause I can’t math good.

BoyScout gets sent out to retrieve what I forgot, and in true family fashion by the time he comes back without the tile….my house is full with my family.

The Guru and I start working. I apprentice as she does all of the hard cutting. She is extremely proud of her cutting skills and so am I, cause I don’t have to do it.


Slowly but surely we make headway, almost completing one side of the kitchen. We loose our light outside to use the wet saw and complain about lack of food.

BoyScout, on the other hand, has been snacking ALL day, and puts himself in a food coma. When I come looking for him I find him asleep on the couch. I yell at him to wake up.



So I am slowly making my way to finishing this project, that started oh….back in June.

It’s been a progression, but I am resolved to complete something in this house.

BoyScout tackles the “wildlife” resolution while I take on the quirks of our home.



By the Way: We have a new neighbor….The 95 or L.I.H.R.

(I haven’t decided what to call him yet. Well maybe I have, but since I know he’s reading this I thought it would be fun torture him just a little bit longer. You’re welcome. )

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Trendy Toys


Every year there is a new “it” toy that comes out. Children endlessly beg Santa and their parents for this toy. Parents frantically search high and low and pay exorbitant amounts to get this toy.

Watching tv, I see this new it toy aka. the Hatchimal. A 2-phase toys that allows children to help it hatch out of its shell and then raise it by teaching and taking care of it. I think it’s a cool toy, maybe for my niece.

I go Hatchimal hunting.

Not surprisingly it is SOLD OUT everywhere. I have waited about a month too long, however there is always eBay.

I tell BoyScout of the toy and we hastily buy one 3 weeks before Christmas for a stupid amount. I am not gonna lie, we buy it with the intention of selling it before Christmas.

BoyScout did the same thing last year with the Yeti Cups. We just happened to find some and we made a tidy profit that covered the cost of Christmas.

I watch the trends of the toy….and it ain’t looking so good for us.

We get it in and boyScout barks at me to not shake it, I pout and put it in the closet. We get close to selling it a few times, but to no avail.

Christmas morning arrives and we watch the two squirts open up gifts at my sister’s house. Big Squirt tears through her gifts.

She’s a pro at this Christmas thing, while Little Squirt asks Uncle Carrot aka. BoyScout (Mispronunciation makes for funny names) to get out every single toy so he can play with it right that second.

Uncle Carrot obliges.




The kids open up all of their gifts. My sister tells Big Squirt to check something in her room, she comes back with another gift. Her confusion is apparent.

She opens the package. It’s a F’*%$##%&!@ Hatchimal. We can’t escape this thing. She is overjoyed.

We pop over to my parents to open more gifts and eat. The Hatchimal joins us. Big Squirt wants it to hatch today.


Uncle Carrot is oddly involved, but I think it’s because he wants to see what he’d paid so much money for. They spend the next half hour hatching the dang thing.wp-1483477291820.jpg


A baby Draggle is born! Big Squirt carries it around with her everywhere. We spend the rest of our day hanging out with family, both BoyScout’s and mine. Tummies are full and the dogs are half-dead from all the playtime that they had.



She fell asleep with her mouth open….wp-1483477678770.jpg

We finally made it back home, thankful for the Christmas season and our amazing family and friends. It’s a lot of work, but at least we have the opportunity to be close to our families.

And yes, the Hatchimal we bought stills sits unopened in our closet. It’s a tough lesson to learn, but I think we have decided to give it to a friend, whose daughter can then enjoy it like it is meant to be enjoyed. After all Christmas is about two things:

1. The Birth of Our Lord

2. The gift of giving

Merry Christmas from my Quirky Family to yours and a Happy New Year!!!


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Holiday Shenanigans

Christmas Week,

Beep….7 seconds….Off button….Beep…7 seconds….Off button.

It’s enough to drive anyone mad. The sound I hear is the BRAND NEW microwave somehow defaulting to 7 sec, left on the timer.

Why, you ask, does it do that? I have no idea. The possession of the microwave is real.

The beep tells me to “get out.”

I am the first to notice the “tick” of the microwave, BoyScout takes a little longer before he realizes that I am, in fact, not crazy. We deal with the random beeping.

I might just unplug the thing. Might fix everything. I notice the beep even more now that I I am on my two week vacation for Christmas.

I decorate the house in my moose theme, order and get in my  “Merry Moosemas” pillow, buy a new tree to fit in the bay window, harass the dogs with holiday gear, and gather most of my gifts.

Boy Scout tackles the lights outside. I catch him staring at the house, with a disgruntled look on his face.



I go outside to see what’s up.

“What do you think?” he says.

Ugh…I am going to have to rework his light set up. But boy did he give it the old college try.

I smile and give him a thumbs up. He frowns and starts unwrapping the lights from the handrails.

I even take on my first ever homemade nog! I must say not to shabby, especially with that delicious brandy in it.

Next up..the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party/ White Elephant gift exchange.

I go with a Christmas Story themed sweater and BoyScout takes on Christmas Vacation.



With extreme excitement, I anxiously await to see who would get my adult coloring book.

With glee, I watched Brownie, (Remember him, the one who didn’t help me chase down Blue?), pick up the gift. He is horrified to see what he got.

He tries to pawn it off by manipulating others to try and get them to take it. It doesn’t work, I laugh. He is so mad at me.

But, in the spirit of Christmas, we all make sure that we get the gifts that we want at the end of the game.

And Brownie thankfully doesn’t have to take the coloring book home with him.

During the next week I spend my time wrapping gifts and screaming at BoyScout to close his eyes, while I wrap his presents in front of him.

Hell, I even bought his large gift right in front of him, while we were on date night at the Salado Christmas Stroll. I zero in on it and rush into the store.

“Do you want this?” I ask excitedly. It’s a massive 24×36 framed come and take it flag that he has been drooling over for years.

“Well yes of course I want that.”

“Sold,” I say. “Merry Christmas.” I pay for it and make him carry it to the truck.


Christmas Eve,

Christmas Eve arrives and we travel to a small town to attend Mass, which has been a tradition for BoyScout and his family for sometime now, and I am happy to be a part of it!

We watch the live Christmas Pageant, and I make faces at the kiddos in the pews. From there we head off to another tradition, a late night party with family friends, and I get the egg nog that I only get once a year.

Three different types of liquor people, three different types! I sip slowly. It’s gonna be a long evening.

Journeying back to BoyScout’s parents, we open gifts, until one lone gift remains under the tree.


It’s large and BoyScout has been speculating what it is and who it’s for. His mother says it’s for Persnickety. (Aka. his father, and yes this is an actual endearment I have for him.)

BoyScout pushes the heavy box over, and his dad asks him to open it for him. BoyScout obliges.

He asked for a small smoker that a friend had a month ago, and as he opened the gift he realized that was exactly what it was.

“What?!” he says. “You got this for Dad when I asked for it?” Apparently this has happened to BoyScout before and he’s never quite gotten over it.

His mothers laughs and tells him that it’s his gift, and she just wanted to mess with him. The pictures say it all.





Next stop, home. It’s past midnight, but we decide to open gifts from each other. Looking back, I can honestly say that was my favorite part, just being together in perfect quiet.

Tomorrow was gonna be loud and busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh by the way, the microwave is still beeping….


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Getting Stuffed

Thanksgiving Week,

An entire week off from work. When people ask me what I am going to so with myself, I very politely say, “Nothing, absolutely nothing,” and that is the truth.

I plan on kicking back and relaxing with the two fur babies, having people over, eating too much and essentially slumming it in my house slippers.

Does any of this actually occur??

Hello no. I end up pulling out the Christmas decorations, do laundry, clean, and run around town doing things that I probably should have done weeks ago.

I, thankfully, do a majority of these things in my house slippers. (High five for small wins!)

I will say that the festivities kicked off on the right foot at a fun surprise party at a winery in Florence, TX Saturday evening.

With an abundance of food and wine BoyScout and I could not be happier. While waiting for everyone else to show up, we head to the main entrance to get a class of vino.

We try a couple of wines and BoyScout picks out a nice Forte. I go for the Cab.

“Before I pour this,” says the bartender, “I want you to know that this is twenty-five a glass.”

BoyScout chokes on his Forte. I smile at the bartender and point to the glass. Usually i’m a cheap date, but not tonight, it’s the beginning of the holidays.


After our fun filled weekend I spend my free week running around with my sister and mother making bad spending decisions and frolicking with the doggies. I send BoyScout regular pictures while he is at work. He is not amused.



During my time off, I have every intention of picking out a backsplash and getting it up hopefully before Thanksgiving. It is literally the last thing that I need to do, to consider my kitchen remodel complete. The only problem is tile is just like paint to me. My Kryptonite.

I can’t decide, and now I have started to accumulate various types of styles….plus BoyScout keeps throwing ideas out there, which is something he is very good at doing.










Subway tile, glass, travertine, stone pieces, marble.

I stare at them and (sigh) I can’t decide.

People keep asking me what my backsplash is going to look like. In response I tell them I am ALL picked out and they should decide for me.

Thursday rolls around and SURPRISE my kitchen backsplash remains unfinished.


We feast for the next few days and I am easily distracted from my responsibilities.

Back to work I go, already prepping for the upcoming Christmas season.

In my mind I will complete the finishing touches on the kitchen during my extended time off, but my heart says, “No, you will cuddle with your furbabies, drink egg nog, and attended parties in you fabulous ugly Christmas Sweater.”

The heart wants, what the heart wants.

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Final Product.

Nov 1st-3rd

Luckily I am able to have quite a bit of flexibility in my job, so the morning of the 2nd I took half of the day off, so I could be present when the granite arrived.

Between 9 and 10. This what I had been told.

9am: Nothing (Cool, not a big deal. They don’t have to be here right at 9.)

9:30am: Still nothing (Ansty in my pantsy, but that’s fine, no worries.)

10am: Mild annoyance sets in….

10:30: Strong annoyance sets in and I make a phone call.

“Hey, you guys said between 9 and 10 and now it’s 10:40am. I have to go back to work here pretty soon.”

“They are still not there? They left a while ago,” the guy says.

It freaking figures that right at that moment, they pull up. Typical. It’s almost as if they know.

It’s just as gorgeous as I remember. They place the first piece and I know that BoyScout and I had made the right decision.


Another hour rolls by and BoyScout tag teams me out so I can head to work. Now I have to wait, not a super patient person by the way, and BoyScout sends no pictures…bad form sir, bad form.

2pm: A get a text from Boy Scout saying that they had completed the job and it was all done.

A picture doesn’t do it justice and I rush home to see it for myself.

Wham!! It is gorgeous.


It’s a real kitchen! A fully, well almost fully functional kitchen. (Notice no faucet, ergo no water) but WHO cares?! This is amazing.

I spend the rest of my evening in the kitchen, staring at it….

Nov. 2nd

The plumber comes to install the faucet and get the dishwasher running so we don’t have to wash dishes in the bathtub anymore.

Not gonna lie, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but the dishwasher was beginning to stink and the dogs were starting to nose at it. Freak-o’s. Unfortunately he brought the wrong piping and would have to finish the next day.

Drats…but at least Handyman Dad would be able to help him out while we were working.

Nov. 3rd

Yay it’s my birthday and I get the bestest present ever! This is the nicest thing I had ever given myself.

I truly do love myself….

First thing we do with the kitchen is cook my birthday dinner for our families.

Before: April 2014


my exasperating kitchen.


After: November 2016


Honestly, I never thought it could look like this. I just went for what I liked, not really thinking about the end product.

Were there some concessions? Yes. Were there some fights? Oh yea, sushi style fights.

Did I stay within my imagined budget? No. Am I bothered by that? Meh…a little, but i’ll get over it.

A lot of people have a very distinguished style, you just know it’s their house when you walk into their home. I know this house is special (I named it the Quirky Corner House for goodness sakes) but I never felt the true vibe of it until now.

It has lived through almost 8 decades and seen the changes that occur around a booming small Texas town. That amount of time lived deserves care and respect and I finally understand that. It only took me 2 years.

As you walk from room to room you notice 5 colors;

Gold: Used sparingly in the granite, the golden comforter, and the Texas map on the living room wall.

Brown: Probably my favorite and mostly widely used color. Walnut stained cabinets, wood floors, Mississippi Mud in the kitchen and office, the leather couches that BoyScout picked out. *Thumbs up!

Red: The rug in the master gifted to me by my sister.

Black: Repainted shelves that showcase the bar, the chalk wall and the black and white photographs that surround the TV in the living room.

Blue: The living room wall and the rug in the nook area, and perfectly made roman shade with matching towel. Thank you Jacqui!

Without even realizing what we were doing BoyScout and I were creating a style for our Quirky home.

Warm, earthy tones, with leather and wood pieces meant to fit in a 1930s house. Simple and timeless objects placed in certain spots and books stacked in shelves around the living room.

Cozy, like the library that I always wanted. A bay window that is perfect for watching the rain or the people walking by.

We lay in bed discussing the day after everyone goes home and BoyScout looks over to me.

“We’ve done really well with this house,” he says. “I love everything about our kitchen.”

I smile back and pause for a moment before responding.

“We have to pick out a backsplash now.”

He rolls his eyes and laughs. The work is never done is it?



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Movin’ and Shakin’ Phase III

Nov. 1st

Thursday Morning: My phone rings while I am at work I see that it’s the CounterTop people.

“Morning!” He says. “Could we install today?”

I look at my calendar. We had made a schedule for them to install next Tuesday.

“Umm today? What time?” I say back.

“Within the next 30 minutes.”

I don’t work in the same town that I live in, and BoyScout can’t just swing over there either.

“Yea….let’s just keep our Tuesday appointment,” I say. Well that’s new, having someone what to install something ahead of schedule.

At this point I have bigger fish to fry. I have to acquire another stove for a multitude of reasons listed (see previous post).

Afterwork we run over to Home Depot. After arguing once again over brands and styles of stoves we end up reaching a consensus. Thank you God.

BoyScout wanted a stove warehoused in Houston, a newly refurbished black stainless steal Samsung, but after the whole BestBuy drama (See previous post…again) I didn’t really want to with the potential drama of buying something sight unseen.

BoyScout didn’t like me vetoing that. We look at a Kitchenaid, which is basically the Rolls Royce of appliance brands, nixed that one too. We gotta save money somewhere you know.

So we decided on a Samsung, which would match the microwave! Woohoo finally. I somehow managed to force myself to open up a credit card at Home Depot, where I grudgingly put the entire cost on the card.

Not a proud moment for me, but hey it’s interest free. Big Kahuna gets to our house in 3 days.

Quirky meet Kahuna, Kahuna meet Quirky.


This motivates us to get the microwave up. You would think that this wouldn’t be that involved of a process, but once again the 1930s house proves to be incredibly strange and unmeasurable.

Handyman Dad makes a surprise appearance and very methodically works with BoyScout to get the thing up. It only takes 3 hours.


From there we zoom off to run a zombie obstacle course for Halloween shenanigans.  I must say it was kind of a stress release.


Sometimes you gotta have a little fun….




He must’ve shit himself to death…IDK what else it could be.



It’s the little things right? Sometimes we have to step outside our bubble and realize that our personal stressors really are not that big of a deal.

Tuesday here we come. Final Push!!

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Movin’ and Shakin’ Phase II

October 30th,

Sunday: 10am

We arrive at BestBuy the moment it opens and it is already busy with people. I guess you can never have enough technology. We walk up to the GeekSquad and begin to weave our tale of woe.

First Geek just looks at us…Not a good start.

Second Geek just happens to be the manager. He also just looks at us, but then at least tries to work out our situation.

It takes him an hour and a half to figure out that he literally can be no help to us. On the bright side, I became very familiar with the Best Buy inventory, and played with as many “toys” as I could and yes I did selfie. #thisismyimoveritface


They don’t have the parts on hand that we need. Super. But can order them from the manufacturer.

The orifices are on backorder for 4 weeks…or they can order us a new stove, that will take another 4 weeks. I remember the deadline to return the stove is tomorrow.

Another bonus, we have to deal with the Waco store, since that’s where I got the open box item from.

We call the manager and ask him to find us a comparable stove to what we have now. He find us an item that is so far from comparable that I laugh out loud. I ask him to try again.

The next one that he pulls up is the same brand as the exploding microwave….BoyScout promptly tells him that isn’t going to happen.

Looks like we are returning the “good deal”. Looking back, I realize this wasn’t a bad decision, there were a few other issues with the stove that would’ve been bad for us at the end of the day, but at the time we were both wrung out and at each others throats.

I REALLY needed a self imposed time-out that day.

5pm: After borrowing Brownie’s truck, since ours was full of demolished cabinetry, we journeyed to Waco, because you have to return the open box item where you originally purchased it from.


I walk in calmly and hand over the receipt, I think the entire store knew who we were, or maybe it was the look I had on my face. Either way, the girl at the counter looked at me and very quickly processed my paperwork.

We head home and very stupidly decide to go to HEB to grab some food. We grab some sushi and get into the truck to finally go home, so we can then go back to Brownie’s house to drop off his truck and get ours.

I pull out his sushi choice and accidentally place it upside down. Whoops, all of the sauce smashes on the top of the plastic container.

BoyScout hits his threshold of BS for the day and snaps at me.

“Damnit Sam! Why can’t you be more careful?!” He yells at me.

*Please note, BoyScout never yells at me, never. So when he did this I knew he was more upset than he had led on.

However at the time i’d had also hit my threshold for the day and snapped back at him.

“You’re yelling at me because I accidentally put the sushi upside down? What is wrong with you. I can’t believe you are talking to me like that!”

After my spurt of anger I go completely catatonic on him. I tell him to go to Brownie’s by himself. At that point I just wanted to eat my sushi in peace.

He huffs at me and leaves. I sit in my demoed kitchen and glare at it. Now I have to buy another stove.

Looking back those few days, I realized that not everything goes according to plan, and if you think it will, you are in for a rude awakening. Lesson learned.

I took the time to reset and get over the frustration, after all my cabinets were on their way!

Monday: 12pm

BoyScout let’s the cabinet makers in while I excitedly and anxiously get ready to leave work. I walk in to a disaster zone, but all I see are beautiful maple cabinets made just for me. I restrain myself from hugging the crew.


I try to let them work while I sit in the living room, but I poke my head in, grinning from time to time to see how much progress they had made.

Before I know it, they’re done and out the door.


I opened and closed all the doors, which are full extension by the way.

Trash cans? Check.


Spice Rack? Check.


Half-Moon lazy Susan? Check and check.


Somehow I manage to swing the granite people to come out and make the template the same day, and they start cutting.

Phase III here we come!